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Awareness through movement

Awareness through movement, how does it work?

In coaching you become aware of behaviors, wishes, thoughts and feelings that are unconsciously playing with you. This can be done with words, in a conversation, but also in movement!

In movement you use a different part of your brain than you use for thinking. You physically experience what needs your attention. You feel your limits, your emotions, your resistance, your fatigue, your pent-up emotions, etc.

The phrase from the song Une belle histoire ‘se laissant porter par les courants’ (translated: ‘let yourself be carried away by the flow’) expresses exactly what I try to achieve with movement of the body with my coachees:

  • Going with the flow of music and of your body.
  • Becoming more aware of your body in the moment: of feelings that need attention and space, of where it flows and where you experience a blockage.
  • Discovering through movement how you can give yourself that attention, space and how you can release the blockage.
  • And translate this into what you can and want to do with this in daily life.

This focuses on the movement of your body and the feelings that come up. We combine this with a conversation about what you experience and directions from me as a coach for the next movements. I look for music that I think will add something to the discovery, deepening and processing of your insights.

From now on I call this form of working ‘awareness through movement’.

In a coaching process we can alternate both forms: figurative movement from ‘the chair’ and literal movement with music. This is the ideal way of bringing ratio and feeling together.

This is what my coachees have discovered in ‘awareness through movement’:

  • ‘Only now I realize how I can feel grounded. That feeling is not in my legs, but in my belly! That’s where my power is!’
  • ‘No one can do anything to me, I am in control!’
  • ‘I don’t always have to keep going. I can follow my body’s signals when I feel I am getting restless.’
  • ‘I can do nothing more than feel who I am and what I stand for. That gives me peace and strength.’
  • ‘I was shocked at how easily I had already checked off something as big as self-care.’

Want to know more?

You can contact me for a single appointment or a series of movement sessions. I also use this method as part of a regular coaching process. Of course, I always do this in consultation. ‘Awareness through movement’ sessions take place at a different location.

What others are saying

Linda gave me space, confidence and a safe environment to move freely in. The first dance gave me some discomfort, but during the session I felt more and more comfortable to move freely. I thought it was nice to experience how close dancing/moving is to your emotions. It made me realize again how important it is to pay attention to your body. Linda clearly links the coach question to the findings of exercise. She uses this to make connections that will help you progress in your personal development.