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Know yourself, live your truth

Your journey

Often there is a reason that you are looking for a coach. It may be that you are not in the right place in terms of work, that you have little energy, that you are having trouble in your relationship(s) or that you suffer from recurring patterns. Your feeling ‘I need something, but I don’t know exactly what’ is the point from which we start together. My questions and interventions will give you new insights into your way of behaving and thinking. What works and what doesn’t work (anymore)? It is a process in which you’ll become more and more aware of who you are and what you want. This affects all the choices you make as a person and as a professional.

This is what the coaching process looks like

Getting acquainted
We start with a non-binding introductory meeting. In a one-hour personal conversation (in my office or online) you can tell me more about yourself, what you are going through, what changes you want to achieve, and I will give you a sense of who I am and how I work.

Coaching goal
At the start of a coaching process, you formulate your coaching question yourself. I will assist you with that. Then we’ll both have a clear idea of what we are working towards. If desired, I can make an estimate in advance of the number of sessions required.

Coaching sessions

  • Duration – A session lasts an hour and a half. On average, there are two weeks between each session.
  • Working methods – In my coaching I use different working methods, including body work (for instance ‘awareness through movement‘), visualization exercises, coaching/psychological models and mirroring. To get a good idea of ​​your talents, I work with the TMA talent test (Talents Motivation Analysis).
  • Reflection – I advise my coachees to reflect and write a report after each session. Where necessary, I provide additional assignments to experiment with different/new behaviour between sessions.

Completion and evaluation
The process ends when the coaching goal is reached. On the basis of an evaluation form, you can look back on the coaching process. This summarizes what you have learned and what concrete step you are going to take. If there is a new coaching question, the coaching can of course be continued. In good coordination with each other we will decide.

Linda Hennig

Life coach

  • Calm
  • Down-to-earth
  • Empathetic
  • Friendly
  • Decisive
  • Informal
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What other people say

I've rediscovered myself and discovered things about myself that I either forgot or didn't know. I am very happy with this and am very grateful to Linda for this! Linda was there for me even on the days when things were not going well or when I was feeling low. Thank you!

Woman 31 years old

It has now been almost a year since I first met with Linda. She is professional, can empathize very well and lets you come to your own insights. She also goes through everything. It's nice to talk to her. For someone who doesn't like to talk, like me, that's very special. Dear Linda (top coach), thank you again, you gave me the strength I needed.

Woman 35 years old

I have felt safe with Linda, even when I was not feeling well physically and mentally. She assisted me professionally and compassionately. In the end, all efforts ended with a nice result: a job!

Woman, 59 years old

Linda is an energetic and reliable coach. I feel we have achieved great results in a few months. I now know where important pitfalls lie in myself that I did not see before. And more importantly, thanks to Linda, I now know how to identify and deal with them.

man, 28 years old

Linda is someone who makes me think about myself, the things that are important to me and the hidden assumptions that influence my behaviour and motivation. She knows how to provide an opening for an acceleration of self-knowledge and reflection with targeted personal questions and approach. It has led me to let go of my doubts and fear of failure and start the company that before only lived in my head.

man, 34 years old