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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Au Bord du Chemin coaching practice located?

I have a coaching practice in Rijswijk where I receive my coachees in a cosy, confidential and safe setting. The practice is easily accessible by public transport and during the day you can park for free on the street.

Is coaching at another location also possible?

Yes, of course. If you live further away, we can agree on a different location. Online coaching is also an option.

What are your rates?

I charge a rate of €95,- per hour for private individuals. An average session lasts 1.5 hours. This amount includes VAT. If you’ve been referred by your employer, a different rate applies.

How do you handle personal information that is provided?

In my privacy statement, you can read about how I handle your personal data. You can rest assured that this is done very carefully.

Is life coaching also suitable if I have a career-related question?

Absolutely! Life coaching is about life and work. If there’s something personal going on in your life, it affects everything. How you are as a partner, parent or colleague. Conversely, events in the work environment can have a major impact on your homelife. In my coaching there is room for all kinds of themes.

What coaching questions can you help me with?

I help people with a variety of questions. To give you some idea, here are some examples:


  • I want to strengthen my personal effectiveness and personal leadership.
  • I want another job, but I don’t know exactly what or where to start.
  • Situations seem to keep happening to me; I want to have more influence and set my own course
  • I have little energy and feel very tired. I want to avoid getting burned out.
  • Relationships fail time and again; I want to understand which patterns play a role here.
  • I get upset easily and find it difficult to let go of things.
  • I don’t feel understood. I want to be seen and heard more.
  • My head is working overtime; I am looking for a better balance in what I think and feel.
  • Other people don’t respect my boundaries; I want to more clearly indicate my boundaries.
  • I want to approach the world from my own perspective again, rather than from my environments perspective.

Which coaching methods do you use?

During the coaching sessions, I use various methods to create movement. On the spot, I will choose which one I want to apply. That choice is determined by the phase in your process and by what presents itself in the here and now in a session. I use the TMA talent test a lot and I also use body work, visualization exercises and dance coaching (if you are open to that).

What do you mean by body work?

Your body feels emotions and stores the unprocessed ones. Your body also reacts to events, such as an increased heart rate when you are startled. It can really help to be aware of the signals of your body,  to reflect and not immediately discard them or escape into your thoughts.

How long does a coaching process take?

This differs per process. When your coaching question has been answered, the goal has been achieved. On average, my clients achieve this in 4 to 8 sessions.

Is the TMA test a required part?

For many coaching questions, the TMA proves to be very useful because you quickly obtain a lot of information about who you are. However, it is not a mandatory part, the use of this instrument is subject to consultation.

How successful are you as a coach?

The majority of my clients have achieved their goal and are satisfied with my guidance. Employers that have sought my help have also seen my coaching as a valuable addition to their organization. The process of change often already starts as a result of the introductory meeting.

Do you also coach in other languages?

I coach in Dutch and English. My German language skills are good, but in my role as a coach I want to be able to express myself well and I still prefer English.

Are you affiliated with a professional association?

Yes, I am affiliated with StiR, a quality mark for professional guidance.

I am also a certified TMA professional.