The coach

Work and live from your natural strength and wisdom!

Linda Hennig-Wijmer - LinkedIn profile

Au Bord Du Chemin was founded by Linda, an HR professional from origin with a passion for connection and development of people. Working with and for people: that's what she likes and where her strengths lay. She works as an independent coach, trainer and recruiter for individuals and companies.

Terms like down to earth, transparency, care and accessibility are used to characterize her working style. People quickly feel comfortable with her.

She uses her empathy and intuition to create self awareness within her clients, which is the basis for their development.

Linda is a StiR certified coach and a certified talent professional at TMA.

Au Bord du Chemin - what's the name about?

The company name comes from the song "Une belle histoire" by Michel Fugain and symbolizes what we want to give to others:

  • life is a road full of experiences and lessons,
  • what comes on your path shapes your life; embrace it and learn from it,
  • use and create opportunities in your life, even if the unknown is sometimes scary,
  • accept that you don't have everything under control, and look what a beautiful story is forming!