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Dance coaching

What is dance coaching?

Dance coaching consists of movement and the conversation about it and uses the entire brain. Dance, music and other creative means stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain. Language, thinking, listening and speaking are more activities from the left hemisphere. Through dance and the conversation about it, the brain makes new connections.

In dance coaching, we combine coaching with dance. It is an experiential way of coaching based on the body in motion. This distinguishes dance coaching from other, often more verbal, forms of coaching. The dance coach involves the body and the possibilities of expression in the coaching process. Dance and movement are the means to awareness, development and change.

In terms of dance, dance coaching is based on the method of dance expression. In this we assume that everyone can dance, regardless of the possibilities of the body. As a dancer/coachee, you create your own dance and express in your own way what lives inside. And that is precisely what makes this dance form so suitable as an instrument for coaching. The essence is revealed almost immediately.

Want to know more?

You can contact me for a single appointment or a series of dance coaching sessions. I also use this method as part of a regular coaching process. Of course, I always do this in consultation. Dance coaching sessions take place at a different location.

What others are saying

Linda gave me space, confidence and a safe environment to move freely in. The first dance gave me some discomfort, but during the session I felt more and more comfortable to move freely. I thought it was nice to experience how close dancing/moving is to your emotions. It made me realize again how important it is to pay attention to your body. Linda clearly links the coach question to the findings of exercise. She uses this to make connections that will help you progress in your personal development.