Customer experience

Work and live from your natural strenght and wisdom

We love to share feedback of some of our happy clients:

More conscious of my behavior
male, Rotterdam, 27 y
"The introduction already felt very good. Very open and relaxed and it helps that you are open yourself. This makes it easier to be more open. The sessions were meaningful and came naturally, which I experience as positive. I often looked forward to having another session. They have now brought me to the fact that I am more aware of my behavior and that I want to get more out of myself. I experienced everything during the sessions as pleasant. Everything goes smoothly and really a perfect listening ear that also says the right things in return. Definitely recommended for anyone who needs a coach and can use a helping hand." (male, Rotterdam, 27 jr)

Valuable insights
female, Voorburg, 35 y
"During the coaching process I became aware of my non-verbal communication through the feedback Linda gave me. This provided valuable insights. I appreciate her openness, the way she could put me at ease and how flexible she was with appointments when things didn't go well for me. I can recommend her as a coach." 

Into the emotion of the problem
male, Delft, 27 y
"Linda is involved as a coach and very pleasant to deal with. During our conversations Linda was able to get me into the emotion of the problem, which gave us very clear what I had to work on!" (male, Delft, 27 jr)

female, Voorbur, 44 y
"I would like to thank you for the past period via a card. You gave me the seriousness of what my situation was like, without judgment. We had good conversations and cHetontinued to believe in a happy ending. And you had faith in me. Little by little, things went better and I am now happy with the choice I made with regard to the work. I continue to watch out for my pitfalls. I am doing well and I am grateful for that!"

She looks right through you
female, Amsterdam, 35 y
"It has now been almost a year since I walked into Linda's practice. It was the best Christmas present I received last year: following coaching sessions. She is professional, can empathize very well and allows you to gain insights yourself. She also punctures everything. It's nice to talk to her. For someone who does not like to talk, like me, that is very special. Dear Linda (top coach), thank you again, you gave me the strength I needed / still need."

Professional and human
female, Voorburg, 59 y
"In coaching I have experienced good guidance in becoming aware of the emotional impact of relapse into old negative patterns. The coach was open to my choices and guided me in this. She also guided me in finding a good balance in difficult moments. I felt safe with the coach, even when I felt less physically and mentally. The coach assisted me professionally and humanely. Ultimately, all efforts ended with a good result: a job!

Energetic and reliable
male, Delft, 28 y
"Linda is an energetic and reliable coach. I feel we have achieved great results in a few months. I now know where important pitfalls lie in myself that I did not see before. And more importantly, thanks to Linda, I now know how to identify and deal with them.” 

Confronting and methodic approach
female, Delft, 38 y
"The process was very valuable and gave me step-by-step insights into what I want and can and cannot do, and how I can achieve my goal. The confrontational conversations and methodical approach have given me the confidence and the skills to work towards paid work on the labor market, appropriate to my education but also my health situation. Linda was a good coach with a professional and pleasant working method."