Coaching – the basics

Work and live from you natural strength and wisdom

Sounds perfect, but how can I get there?

Being aware of your uncounscious behavior

Often we are unaware of our behavior. It results from ingrained patterns. These patterns come from our characteristics, motives and talents, (obstructing) beliefs, self-image, norms and values, experiences, etc.

If you find that you are not (or no longer) as effective in your life and / or work as you would like to be, becoming aware of your unconscious behavior is the first step.  Second step is to realize whether or not your behavior is in line with what you think and what you really want.

The movement from unconscious to conscious behavior provides more room and the option to actively choose your behavior. Everything changes with awareness! When you are aligned, the energy will flow towards your goals!

Your talents

We use the TMA talent test to map out what motivates you and what your talents are. TMA stands for Talent Motivation Analysis. The method is used internationally by many organizations.

The method recognizes 22 drives and 44 talents. Via an online test, your need for the various drives (your preferred behavior) and the talents that are associated with it are identified.

Do you want to get started?

We will facilitate you via exercises, visualisations, constellations and other coaching methods in achieving your goals, in Dutch or English.

We coach individuals, entrepreneurs; also employers turn to us for their employees - for career questions and / or for (imminent) burnout.

Please contact us via  or call + 31(0)6-28474036.