Coaching Startups

Startup entrepreneur: do you recognize this?

  • Your team has grown organically and more and more is expected of you as a founder. After all, the growth of your company largely depends on your role as manager/entrepreneur/partner and the interaction with others inside and outside your company.
  • At the same time, you operate on an operational, tactical and strategic level and have to switch continuously.
  • You and your partner reinforce each other in a positive flow, but in case of stress you sometimes get in each other’s way, for example in that pitch for potential investors.

Research shows that the success of a startup is largely determined by the team and the mutual interaction and motivation. The ‘technical’ idea is often good and viable – here organisations also receive a lot of guidance; the challenge lies in communicating the vision, the collaboration between the founders and other key persons and the formation of a team that works together from the same passion.

The founders and other key persons within a startup/scaleup have an important role in shaping, managing, interaction/communication and the vision of the team. They are the ones who determine and propagate the passion and vision. Their behaviour guides the behaviour within the organisation.

Insight into the own behaviour (consciously and unconsciously) of these key persons is an important pillar for this! You know yourself, you know your qualities, you know your pitfalls.

The entrepreneurs we have coached so far are satisfied customers. They have discovered how valuable it is to make time for their own development in all the hectics of a fast growing company!

The team
In a certain phase of the growth of your company, the need may arise to work with the development of the team: team building, mapping talents, strengthening cooperation, tackling issues. We can support you in this as well. For this we like to use the TMA method, which works from an image of everyone’s individual talents.

Custom made
Both individual coaching and team coaching are tailor-made. On the basis of an intake interview we determine what the goal / question is and based on that we formulate an approach.

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