Work and live from your natural strenght and wisdom

Au Bord du Chemin coaches people towards balance in head, heart and body, so that you are in good contact with yourself and can make optimal use of your natural strength and wisdom.
That way you are much more effective and happier! You have influence where you want it, you are at the helm of your life and can achieve what you want.

Coaching facilitates you in achieving the change you want:

  • You want to strengthen your personal effectiveness / leadership.
  • You want different work, but you don’t know what to do and where to start.
  • Situations always seem to happen to you; you wish to have more influence.
  • You have little energy, you can move to little and you are looking for a better energy balance.
  • Relationships break down time and time again, you want to break free from patterns that play a role here.
  • You got hit quickly and can’t let go, how do I get it out of my system?
  • You experience a lot of resistance in yourself, you are irritable and want to get rid of this.
  • It doesn’t matter how fast you run, things always seem to catch up with you, what else can you do?


Coaching can be personal (face to face) or online (remotely) or a combination of these!

Get to know the basics of coaching, the types of coaching and the coaches.

Please contact linda@aubordduchemin.com of tel. +31(0)6-28474036.

Au Bord du Chemin is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel with number 70671362.


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