Welcome to Au Bord du Chemin

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Work and live from your natural strength and wisdom!

Au Bord du Chemin coaches people to balance head, heart and body.
With this you are (again) in contact with yourself and regain access to your natural strength and wisdom.
If you can work and live from that natural power and wisdom, you will be much more effective!
Interested? Coaching can be personal (face to face) as well as online (remotely) or in a blended form.

Au Bord du Chemin
The company name (from this song) symbolizes what we want to give to others:

  • life is a road full of experiences and lessons,
  • what comes on your path shapes your life; embrace it and learn from it,,
  • use and create opportunities in your life, even if the unknown is sometimes scary,
  • accept that you don’t have everything under control, and look what a beautiful story is forming!

Who do we work for:

  • Organisations looking for an experienced, certified coach who can guide their employees in case of imminent burnout, in strengthening their effectiveness, in career questions, etc.
  • Organisations that want to strengthen cooperation within their organisation.
  • Startup managers who want to develop their leadership skills.
  • Individuals who recognize themselves in the following situations and want change:
    o You have little energy, you can put little to little.
    o Situations seem to happen to you all the time; you experience no influence.
    o Relationships break down over and over again.
    o You are quickly hit by criticism and cannot let go.
    o You experience a lot of resistance in yourself; you are irritable.
    o You want something different in your work, but do not know what and do not know where to start.

Get acquainted with the types of coaching, the content of coaching and with the coaches.

Feel free to contact us for an intake and offer via linda@aubordduchemin.com or tel. +31(0)6-28474036.

Au Bord du Chemin is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 70671362.